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For our first anniversary trip, we decided to sort of recreate our honeymoon and go for another island escape. Little did we know, you simply can’t recreate your honeymoon! What I mean is, our honeymoon will always be very, very special because it was our very first trip together and it was pure, newly wedded bliss. However, that doesn’t mean we didn’t thoroughly enjoy our wonderful paradise in Cancun, Mexico.

We stayed at the Excellence Resort Playa Mujeres, a lovely adults only all-inclusive resort situated in Cancun, Mexico. One thing that keeps us coming back to the Caribbean island experience is the impeccable service, I mean they really take care of you. The restaurants, the 24 hour meal services, beautiful beaches and breezy weather are all just what you need to indulge and unwind, aka a true vacation.


Our suite opened up right into a large pool, which gave us incredibly easy access to it. It also wasn’t as noisy as I expected. By 10pm, the pools would be empty as people would go to the bars/restaurants to eat and watch shows. So it was easy for us to dip our feet in and chill by the pool alone.


There were ten restaurants on site, and even one Indian restaurant called Basmati! And it was pretty decent food! (They also had a shisha rental which came as a surprise to us also.) Best part about going to an all-inclusive island is the endless eating, fresh fruits and seafood, which is a plus point for those of us who have dietary restrictions: Halal. Actually the best part is you don’t have to pay additional for all the yummy foods & drinks 🙂


One thing that was different about this Cancun trip and our honeymoon trip to Dominican Republic is the price. We stayed in DR for 7 nights and in Cancun for 4 nights, however it ended up costing the same. And I am including flights + hotel stay for two adults. Both were five star, all-inclusive resorts…so why the difference in price? The spot we chose for our honeymoon wasn’t one of the top destinations that people normally choose such as Punta Cana or Cancun, so I think that is why the resort was a bit lesser in price. Take my advice, if you want to spend little or stretch your dollar, definitely give DR a chance, you will not regret it!


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