Pretty in Pink!


Ladies Reception Hall

Our wedding reception took place on July 6th, 2013 at Masjid-e-Ali, Somerset, New Jersey. The venue is actually our local Masjid (Mosque) where we do many things like pray, meet for special gatherings and observances, and all of our community & religious events. It’s the perfect space with separate men’s and women’s hall as well as the spacious and elegant banquet halls. Because of the amount of people that we had, we decided to place a tent in the space behind the masjid, where the men had their dinner.

Men’s Reception tent

From the get go, I knew that I wanted to have a reception with very feminine and springy colors. So as I scanned millions of pictures and desi bridal websites, I finally compiled photos of a this one dress that was a beautiful shade of pink and ivory. And voila! I based everything else on that dress. After picking the color scheme of pink, ivory and turquoise (all my favorite colors) I was well on my way to picking linens, napkins, chair covers, etc. It all came together so easily! I also already decided that I didn’t just want to keep fresh flowers as the centerpieces for the tables. And since we had both men’s and women’s tables, I thought of doing a combination of fresh flower arrangements with all three colors as well as floating candle arrangements. All the centerpieces had an element of crystals wrapped around them to give it a nice sparkle. We alternated each table with the centerpieces and it gave the entire room a great balance. All the centerpieces were done by Tower of Flowers, Staten Island, NY.

The decor was all done by JP Decor and they were absolutely fantastic to work with. The groom’s stage was so different from my stage, the decorator really went with a middle eastern style with splashes of turquoise and lime green. But it was done in such an elegant way, I was really happy with it. My stage was mostly ivory, which is what I had wanted. The pillars were laced with silky ivory curtains and a pink rose ball hung for just that pop of color.

327The cake was done by L’affaire Bakery in East Brunswick, New Jersey and I used them for the first time based on a friend’s recommendation. All I did was e-mail a photo of a cake that I liked & told them the color scheme. They delivered the cake and set it up beautifully & it was delicious! The tent was so beautifully decorated inside, with chiavari chairs and turquoise napkins on the ivory table cloths, which just gave it that pop of color.

I was so incredibly happy with how all of the details came out that night. The food, the atmosphere, decor were beautiful and all of the guests left happy. The biggest challenge was being able to manage all of the hundreds of components it takes for one night like this, but it can be done with an awful lot of planning! I would definitely recommend using checklists along the way. But in the end…it’s all worth it!!

Bridal Mehndi
Groom Sherwani
Groom and Bride footwear


Bridal bangles




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